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tv   Wake Up Early With the Wagners  NBC  January 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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about guns. sitting in front of supporters and critics... president obama was pressed about his plans to expand background checks... and what it would mean for gun owners. news 3's john treanor has more. tayla kyle tayla kyle 00 13 the laws that we create don't stop these horrific things from happening crime will always be with us sheriff paul babeu what would you have done to prevent these mass shootings? kimberly corban kimberly corban 00 25 why cant your administration see that these restrictions youre putting on getting a gun is actually just making my kids less safe hard questions for the commander in chief cnn hosting a town hall... an honest conversation between people on both sides of the gun issue... and the man who is just announced an executive order expanding background checks and how the country handles the mentally ill our position has been mischaracterized 00 00 "and the way it is described, is that we're trying to take away everybody's guns. and part of the reason i welcomed
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have a discussion and debate about it, is that our position is consistently mischaracterized." so lets have a discussion... for one hour the president answered questions.... some of the highlights came from those concerned that any expansion of gun laws would mean their gun rights are gone 00 59 i just want to repeat theres nothing weve proposed that would prevent you from purchasing a firearm still others thought whats the point people who want to commit crimes are going to commit crimes... so gun control is futile crime will always be with us 00 09 those with mental illness and criminals, thats the real problem here. how are we going to get them to follow the laws? crime is always going to be with us. i think its important not to suggest that if we cant solve every crime, we shouldnt try to solve any crime in the end the president and both advocates and critics covered everything from background checks to the idea that the administration was plotting to confiscate american's guns... something obama called a conspiracy theory his argument for gun control is this
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safety with sensible background checks and some other checks, we're not going to eliminate gun violence but we will lessen i mayor carolyn goodman gave her 2016 state of the city address last night at city hall. the mayor says 2015 was a good year... but not a great year for las vegas. she praised new developments in the southwest valley... and downtown las vegas. mayor goodman also praised downtown casinos for leading nevada with a growth of 25 percent. goodman says a key part of the city's future... is how they work together with other southern nevada communities... like henderson and mesquite. mayor goodman also took time to thank sheriff joe lombardo... and all the law enforcement and
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the law enforcement and emergency crews... who helped keep everyone safe on new year's eve. the search for the massive powerball jackpot is still on... and the madness continued at primm lotto store. the line wrapped around the store again by the time the doors opened thursday morning... and stayed like that until the shop closed thursday night. the current jackpot - now sits around 700 million dollars... and will continue to climb as more tickets are sold before saturday night's drawing. if you don't want to wait in that line... maybe drive another half hour south. christine jacquart sent us this photo... showing no wait for lottery tickets in baker. she says it was well worth driving the
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an already star- studded super bowl 50 halftime show... just got bigger. pepsi confirmed on thursday... pop megastar beyonce will join coldplay to perform during the halftime show next month. this won't be beyonce's first super bowl performance. she was briefly joined by her destiny child bandmates during her 2013 super bowl show. super bowl 50 takes place february 7th... at levi's stadium in santa clara, california. the season 2 premiere of lip sync battle was in full force last night. channing tatum was a guest on the show and brought out his inner sasha fierce .... with a surprise guest making an appearance at the end. 00:45:31:16-00:45:55:22 it was know other than queen bey
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tatum on stage. channing's wife jenna dewan-tatum was also a guest on the show.. she reimaggined channing's magic mike x-x-l routine to ginuwine's "pony" scary situation... police learn of a murder for hire right here in las vegas.
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this... and how police were able to put a stop to it. dogs in pants jeanne moos takes a look at a big dabate going on... how dog's should wear pant's we'll tell you all about it. kelly ad-lib over
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a murder for hire plot... hatched in jail and foiled by metro police. this all started as a robbery of a local subway restaurant in june. police say 25-year-
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accused of shooting a subway employee in the face at point blank range during the robbery... told an undercover cop he wanted the only witness to his alleged crime killed. according to the police report... ware didn't care if the witness... another female subway employee... was killed in the restaurant or in her home. the victim of that shooting reacted to the news about the murder-for-hire plot. "never in a million years it would occur to me he would try to kill my co-worker...the main witness that identified him as the one who shot me." the victim says she hopes when ware is put on trial... that justice will be served and he is
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can i call you back? bill clinton gets an unexpected call during an event. the important person that caught him off guard. and new at 5. the golden globes officially has a host
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you're looking at a hospital in philidelphia where an officer is recovering after being shot... in what officials are calling an ambush. police say the shooting happened late thursday night. 33-year-old officer sse hartnett was driving through a west philadelphia intersection when the suspect opened fire. hartnett was shot 3 times in his left arm and suffered a broken arm and nerve damage, but is expected to survive. officer hartnett was able to return fire and hit the suspect who then ran away. the suspect, a 30 year old man, was shot at least 3 times and was
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today marks five years since a deadly spree shooting in tucson, arizona that left then- congresswoman gabrielle giffords severely injured and six people dead. among the fatalities -- a nine-year-old girl and the chief judge for the u-s district court in arizona. eighteen people were injured in the attack. giffords was speaking to constituents at a "congress on your corner" event, when 22-year-old jared lee loughner opened fire. authorities believe giffords was the target of the attack. giffords spent months learning to walk and speak again. loughner is serving life in prison. the texas state trooper indicted on perjury charges stemming from his arrest of sandra bland has been released from jail on bond. brian encinia turned himself in to texas rangers thursday afternoon.
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wednesday charging they say he lied about what led to his confrontation with sandra bland following a traffic stop last year. encinia was later released on a 25- hundred dollar bond. if convicted, he faces up to one year thousand dollar fine. wildfires blazing out of control in western australia state have destroyed around 95 homes in a single town and continue to threaten other communities. fire and emergency services officials said three people were unaccounted for and four firefighters had sustained minor injuries in battling the fires that had scorched 125- thousand acres of woods and farmland. hundreds of people left their homes for evacuation centers while 150 fire trucks
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fire. time for a look at weather... here's what you need to know... today bill clinton will be in seattle for
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but on thursday while in iowa he got an unexpected call. former president bill clinton was speaking about his
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clinton - at an event in dubuque. that's when his phone rang, and he says it was hillary. there are other issues that keep americans up at night and. my phone's ringing. i'll have to call hillary back and explain why i couldn't take it ." after a few laughs, clinton continued his speech. he also touched base on donald trump while touring a market telling reporters that he would not respond to trumps charges that he is an abuser of women.. saying there will be plenty of time to discuss the allegations if trump and hillary win their nominations. planned parenthood is endorsing hillary clinton for
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the national women's health group says it'll make it official in new hampshire this sunday. it will be the first time planned parenthood has endorsed anyone during presidential primaries. the move is likely to open clinton up to attacks from republican candidates. many of them have promised to cut the group's funding if elected. but on thursday clinton said she'll make sure that doesn't happen if she wins. looks like tonight show's jimmy fallon is holding his own primary - you're looking live out of new york where fallon will be hosting presidential candidate hillary clinton. and it will be in the same week he's hosting top republican contender donald trump. the two candidates have exchanged some harsh words recently - clinton even told one voter in iowa that her new year's resolution is not to respond to trump. clinton will sit down with fallon on january 14th. a plane headed to
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emergency landing in detroit when a passenger became abusive and unruly. this prompted authorities to haul her off the plane with her hands and feet bound. cellphone video taken by a passenger shows the moment the woman was plane. the video shows applauding as she's according to airline officials that woman became disruptive shortly after takeoff and assaulted several police said the woman may have been suffering from a medical condition. after the unplanned stop, the flight resumed its trip o'hare airport. here's a look at what's coming up on "today... today show sot pants for your dog? a canadian dog wear
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settle the debate on how to wear them. jeanne moos explains ... who wears the pants in your relationship, you or your dog? well now you both can. this is the story of how a jokey doggy diagram that went viral led to a bonanza for muddy mutts.
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but first, the ridiculous question. a 19-year old student in belgium claims his girlfriend's dog rocky got him thinking ... "if a dog wore pants would he wear them like this, on four legs, or like this, on his two hind legs? the internet went nuts joking about and debating the question. would pants on just the hind legs be shorts? or are both wrong since pants are supposed to cover your butt. and then muddy mutts unmuddied the waters. "so you think you've settled the argument once and for all?" "it is settled. four legs." because pants for dogs already exist. waterproof nylon waders sold by a husband and wife company in canada for 50 bucks u.s. "it looks really funny but when you get tired of cleaning a dog for 20 minutes after a walk, it's really practical." it was a niche product until the diagram went viral
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hundred percent. "i'd love to show you one but i even sold the one that was on our model dog." now there's a waiting list as tim races to make more muddy mutts. "dogs, like people, have to put their pants on one leg at a time." "the easiest way to put on a muddy mutt is to start with the front legs." you put on each leg and fasten the velcro cuffs. there are three straps... then your dog can look like a studly fireman. the original diagram led to spoofs like "how would a ferret wear a tube top?" and "how would an earthworm wear a bra?" but the idea of dogs in pants wormed its way around the web, and now even the owner of rocky, the dog that inspired the debate, is considering buying a pair of muddy mutts... though we doubt rocky himself is panting for pants. jeanne moos, c-n-n, new york. leave it to the bulls a bunch of bulls
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think which presidential candidates would come out on top in an interesting way. we'll t ell you what they did coming up. plus... the iowa caucus is less than a month >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, i have an important message about security. write down the number on your screen, so you can call when i finish. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. this is a lock for your life insurance,
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call for information, then decide. read about the 30 day, 100 percent money back guarantee. don't wait, call this number now. away, but a different type of caucus picked a winning candidate there. in des moines, bulls from "the world's toughest rodeo" made their predictions in a not-so-sanitary way. they were guided to pictures of the candidates and asked to choose. on the republican side... donald trump was the lucky
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but there was no democratic winner because the bull that was to pick a winner was unable to produce any waste. time for weather. new at 5...
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consumer reports takes you to the bathroom... to check out scales. we'll tell you if they really measure up. new at 6... a woman gives birth in her car.... we;ll tell you about the two people who were able to her out new at 6. newscast report date=
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